Friday, February 23, 2007

Back to basics

My corn is so lush. It should be - I've offered it bags of manure, compost and mulching with the straw from the chickens. It's taller than me - it's as high as an elephant's eye - and laden with cobs. It embodies the promise of harvest. I think it is beautiful.

Then, come lunch time, when it's stripped back and lying prone ( a bit like a plucked chook) it's hard to see its previous glory.

But bite into it and the soft sweetness renders it remarkable again.

Eating from the garden: corn, chives and eggs in pancakes for breakfast; corn for lunch; basil in pesto at dinner, followed by rhubarb and more eggs in a cake for dessert; blood plums and tomatoes for snacks.


Lazy cow said...

My in-laws grow their own corn and it is so juicy and sweet. You have a gorgeous garden, somthing to aspire to, as I'm planning our backyard structure and plantings this autumn.

Janet said...

Your corn is indeed Beautiful. I'm a little jealous, our was fantastic up until new year and then just turned up its toes. Along with the tomatoes which I think are diseased. (No, I know they are diseased). We've had some rain, but too late. Oh well, maybe next year.

Em said...

Delicious! I love fresh corn on the cob and yours looks divine.