Monday, April 30, 2007

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Al. It's not been a great day so far: a 5.30 am start; multiple and public tantrums during your birthday lunch; lending me the money to pay for that lunch; baby spit on your new jeans; and now you're out walking the baby and I'm pretty sure you're about it get caught in the rain. And not even a card from your thoughtless and poorly organised wife. You had pretty low expectations, I know, but I think that by working as a team the girls and I have managed to undercut them.

So it might be time to say "I hope the day gets better", and I hope the year does as well. Our family is blessed by your kindness, your patience and your gentle soul. You're funny and smart and each day with you is a pleasure. Plus, you're looking pretty good for a man of your years.

Happy birthday from us all



Tamsin said...

Happy birthday Al! Love from the Poowong Easters xxx

h&b said...

Aww - that is such a sweet ode, despite the mess that can be family life ;)