Saturday, May 19, 2007

A break in the weather

... so Lu and I spent some time re-acquainting ourselves with the garden. Some parts are looking pretty sad - the corn died a long, long time ago and I haven't got to mulching it yet (garden slattern that I am).
But the rhubarb is spectacular and just keeps coming. It's a bit like zuchinnis - you've got to keep on top of it or you'll be swamped with produce and guilt for not using all you can in muffins, cakes, stews.
While we were out and about Puss came along to spend some quality time looking disdainfully at me. He's been sick - and I suspect, a little depressed - for a very long time but a stay at a health retreat (the cattery while we were in Brisbane) and some of the proprieter's super secret pancreatic kick start mix has him back to his old cumudgeonly self. Welcome back, old man.

Finally, here are two of my greatest life successes: Lu and the compost bins. I'm so pleased I've got both. But I am fighting some major boot envy. Mine were boring old black ones, a size too small, left in the garage by the previous owners. I recently binned them in disgust. Lu's are, in her words, "fablous".

Eating from the garden: walnuts up at the back fence; for dinner, spinach thinnings with bacon and lemon in a salad to eat with the roast chicken (not one of ours; they're behaving themselves for the moment).

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