Saturday, September 15, 2007

She's not afraid to ask the hard questions

Lucy's two and a half and she is all about the questions.

Easy questions: Did you have much wetness? (on me getting out of the shower); Do you want to eat an olive?; Daddy, do you have pubic hair?

Middling questions: What's that lady running? (on seeing a woman on a treadmill - it's a pretty weird idea when you think about it)

Hard questions: Are you happy Mummy?; Where does heartbroken live?


blue milk said...

So glad to hear someone else's two and a half year old is asking existential questions like this, including whether mummy is happy.

Susan said...

Did you say anything? My answers always took too long (too much gazing off into the distance?), and they turned to other things.

Kris said...

Well, with the heartbroken question I was going to talk about why it's okay to be sad etc, etc but I was late for work and couldn't find my keys or shoes so I said "It lives down the road on Mulgrave St, sweetheart".

Janine said...

Awww, Lu is a sweetie. I love the playful imagination and innocent queries that occasionally send me into a spin, but usually just leave me slack-jawed in wonder at their humanity.

Ro asked me yesterday: "Mummy, where was I when YOU were ten years old?"

I gave him a copy of 'Being and Nothingness' and sent him to his room.

Kris said...

Yes, it's important to put a stop to that kind of free thuoght immediately. It will only end in a questioning of your authority at a later date.

Keep answers simple and kids dumb, no?