Saturday, January 12, 2008

Off to our nation's capital to skill up for work. For me, two weeks away from home, with time to stuff my brain full of new things and space to catch up with friends and see a movie or two. For Al, two weeks by himself with the kids and a dog, no family support and limited social networks. That's the thing with parenthood: when one person circles out, the other is forced to fold in. Personal time is a zero-sum game: what I gain, Al loses.

I don't feel guilty - I'm giving up guilt like some people give up cigarettes - but I am enormously grateful that I live with a person who not only says, 'It's fine', he says, 'I want you to go'.

Thanks, babe.


Kez said...

WOOHOO! Enjoy :)

meggie said...

Lovely Man! Enjoy yourself.

blue milk said...

Miss your updates. Hope you're enjoying yourself.

D said...

i see the sero-sum game circle in and out of our front door. In fact I'm doing it as I type.

Very true.