Thursday, June 12, 2008


All day long there are words, words, words. My girls talk, and so Tuesday, Thursday and Friday it's chat, chat, chat, mainly about babies, horses, dinosaurs, dragons, kittens and dogs. At work I have the same conversation about the same issues three times a week, I meet people, I write-edit-write-edit-write-edit, and send off a million emails; all my words get used up on things I am paid to say. By the end of each day there are almost no words left; I look for some silence, sitting on the couch and staring at the fire, maybe reading a book. I have all these thoughts swirling but no words to catch them. Sometimes I feel trapped in the quiet but mostly it's okay: some things don't need any words at all.


Victoria said...

Sometimes when we go on long walks I make a rule "No one is allowed to ask me any questions 'til we get there." It's kind of a game but I mean it! Questions, questions, questions..

Daisy said...

Ain't that the sweetest photo!

Gillian said...

Would you like to be tagged? There's this nice thread going if you'd like to partake? See my blog, and I'll add your name! x