Thursday, August 14, 2008

Worth the wait

Things that have been a long time coming in my life:

* balance
* looking in the mirror and quite liking what I see
* a possibly perfect pair of checked trousers (not tragically hip, not weirdly golf)
* ranunculas

I planted ranunculas four years ago and they were lost to the dogs' digging. Three year ago they just disappeared on the watch of our very funky house sitter - I planted them but they never emerged (two passionfruit vines also went missing - she has no green thumb at all, it seems - and our dog was killed; but she's a lovely, lovely girl). Two years ago the free ranging chooks scratched the shoots away. Last year, it was a free ranging Lu. But this year, caloo callay, I have ranunculas. And they are lovely, like a stripped down peony.

They are easy to grow (when dogs, house sitters, chooks and kids permit) but just so glamorous and gorgeous I can't help but think that really, I am quite the backyard goddess. I shall have to life my game, sartorially speaking: bum cracks and daggy blue jeans are most inappropriate in this company ...


Penni said...

Beuaitful. I love it when things grow!

Feel free to post a picture of the perfect checked pants too.

Angie said...

I'm commenting here because I can't seem to comment on the above post. Enjoy your break, enjoy your babies, enjoy your rhubarb. I look forward to those blog words finding there way back here again.

D said...

hi kris,
i popped your blog on my blogroll.
seems that there is some reading there that i'd like to glide over.
i hope that's ok with you.


used wheel loader said...

im your favorite reader here!

cat loader said...

well its nice to know that you have great hits here.

used wheel loader said...

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