Monday, July 9, 2007

This is looking expensive

Of course, we all like to support our children's interests but don't we all secretly wish they'll develop a passion for something cheap and quiet, like drawing with crayons on paper or sitting quietly in the corner reading library books which are always, always returned on time? So imagine the equal parts of pride and financial dread in my heart as I watched my two year old efficiently handle a pony.

Am I facing a future of agistment fees and rainy afternoons, sipping cups of soup in a drizabone, shivering and waiting for the gymkhana to finish?

On another note: working full time, parenting and having any time to oneself - how do people do it? Indeed, can it be done?


VictoriaE said...

Ha, my kids refuse to use crayons and only want textas. And hate the coloring books that are not on shiny white paper. And my husband wants a horse.. men are expensive too. You have to admit that's a very cute pony riding photo.

nutmeg said...

HI Kris. Thanks for the tag - re: your last post. I recently did one of these and Bec (at recently tagged me for it again - she suggested I do a "bookish" 8 things, so I will combine your tags and do one meme on 8 things...bookish! (I couldn't to 16 things - unfortunately I'm not that interesting!)

As to your 8 things - I loved your #3 and have to say I would agree about my high school boyfriend. And I love what you Grandma said too - I'm reserving that for future use.

As to kids and hobbies, my girls have just discovered "My Little Pony" - damn commercial stuff. Once they go to school trying to stop these fads is like trying to stop the tide. Anyway - I'm hoping it doesn't translate into actually wanting to ride one ;-)

nutmeg said...

Oh and I also wanted to say that I don't think we can "have/do" it all - work, parenting, time to oneself. One is always compromising and the trick I think is trying to be at ease with the compromising and not be too hard on oneself. Putting this into practice is my life's work.

Kris said...

Hi Nutmeg

Two things: I can't believe My Little Ponies still exist. They were around when I was a kid. I do wonder if they mitigate or feed the wish for a real live horse - could be a risky strategy to introduce.

As to being at ease with compromise, well, yes, that is a life's work.

Kate said...

Hi Kris,
That photo is adorable. She just looks so confident, and, more than that, like she just belongs on that horse. I once thought I could save up for a horse ($2 a week) and keep it in my family's carport. I was going to get up at 5 am and ride before school each day.