Sunday, October 28, 2007

No right answer

Kris: What are you doing, Lu?
Lu: Putting peas in Daddy's slippers.
Kris: Why sweetie?
Lu: To protect them from the bees.


Kris: What are you doing, Lu?
Lu: Putting peas in your Birkenstocks, Mummy.
Kris: Why, Booboo?
Lu: Sug. Sog.


There's no pea soup tonight now.


Marjorie said...

Oh, this is so, so funny and adorable. Lu had a busy day taking care of her parents.

nutmeg said...

Just catching up again! Really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the old vs. new house style debate. I look around our house (35 years old) and it's quirky but lovable but always needs some work on it and I look next door and see the newly rendered monolith and then look back to mine and see it deftly sink back into the hillside and settle like an old friend instead of cutting a stark swathe through the landscape and instinctively know I'd prefer mine anyday!

Also, in the past I have assumed the farmer's market I attend is as local as it can be (I generally visit the stall where the grower is in attendance) but I think I will be asking some more questions from now on.

Also, looking at the books on your sidebar I must encourage you to try and finish the Safran Foer - I loved that book! And did you see the reviews of Malcom's new book about the rather strange pairing of Alice B Toklas and Gertrude Stein? I read Malcolm's The Silent Woman some time ago and greatly enjoyed that.

Lost in a reverie... said...

Pees. Bees. So sweet.

I'm back from hols and have plenty to catch up on here. Such beautiful springtime flowers - they make me feel so joyous.

What are the Charmian Clift essays like?