Friday, October 26, 2007

Worth waiting for

Ever since we decided to have kids, Al and I have looked forward to certain moments: gardening with the girls; Saturday morning soccer; and waking up to morning cuddles in our bed. For Al in particular, this last represents all that is most delightful about parenting.

This morning, I woke to see for the first time a small figure walking across the room, to feel a little body climb up and snuggle down with her head on my pillow, a hand stroking my face, and to hear that dear voice chatting on. Then Nell woke, and I pulled her into the bed, and watched and listened as my two daughters touched and tickled and spoke to each other, Lu taking the role of spokeswoman and reporting Nell's weather preferences: "Nellie likes rain, Mama, and she loves thunder and she LOVES the ice, she loves to crunch and munch it". This morning was one of the best of my life.

As for Al, well he missed the whole thing because he had been sent to the couch after getting home late from bowling (bowling ironically, of course) with a few beers in him, which means a high probability of snoring, which I cannot abide. He did however, win two of his games and match the top score for the South Launceston bowling league, so it may well have been worth the sacrifice of his family dream.


Marjorie said...

I can't believe he missed that. There will be more, though, I'm sure.

Beautiful, beautiful.

Daisy said...

That morning cuddle is the most important think in my Miss Sevens life. Every morning since she was born we had the morning cuddle were we would discuss the days plans. When pregnant with Master 4mths- I asked her during our morning cuddle where the baby would fit in my bed with the three of us already taking up all the room to which she quickly replied.... "oh down at our feet, thats the only bit left". I asked if the baby would get cold and sad and she quickly hit back... "Well he should have been born first".
Now he is here, I'm missing out on the cuddles as she insists on giving her cuddles all to him and in turn he always saves his first smile of the day just for her. The morning are still the most important time of the day for my family (even if I've been sent to make breakkie and have to wait till last for a cuddle!)

meggie said...

Your posts are delightful!

Kez said...

I love our morning snuggles!