Friday, December 28, 2007

Going out with a whimper

In the face of the overwhelming productivity of our zucchinis (and I'll hear no 'I told you so's, thank you very much) I've started making zucchini loaf. It is delicious. But it's a somewhat prosaic end for something called costa romanseque. It's such a sophisticated name, so glamorous but authentic, the name of a swarthy heart-throb. Those fruits were surely expecting to end their days on a grill, next to sardines, eaten with a spritz of lemon under a pergola overlooking the blue, blue Mediterranean. Instead, they're grated and stirred into one of the most 80s suburban of all baked treats.


Lucy has discovered the newspaper. She sits at the breakfast table, baby latte to hand, and asks us to tell her the stories about the police and car crashes and drownings and landslides and the arrival of a scrub python at the local wildlife park. She's got a well defined appreciation of the dramatic and we all find it a relief from telling Rapunzel and the Pied Piper of Hamelin ad nauseuam.

Lu also has a strong aesthetic, it turns out. She looked at me today, pushed her toast away and whined, "I don't like blueberry jam, it's too blue". Feminist mothers can complain about Disney princesses all we like - they're not as annoying as a real one in the house.


Shell said...

Hi Kris,

Zuchhini loaf, zucchini cake, zucchini muffins, zucchini slice, zucchini you get a glut of them in Tasmania or is it too cold?

Blueberry jam being too blue is just precious! :-)


meggie said...

Lucy is an astute child!

I love zucchini. Wish I was there to share them. They are divine in fritatta.

Kris said...

Shell, summers where I live hover around the low-mid 20s, which is plenty hot enough for us to be overwhelmed with the beasts. But I'll have to try fritattas, as we'll then have a meal from all our own produce, which is always a buzz.

On meat cooked blue - this is when the outside is cooked but the inside is warmed through only - it's still red and soft. Imperfectly done at our house because we don't have gas and so the pan is never as fierce as it should be.

blue milk said...

I loved your comment about disney princesses versus the real thing, so, so true.