Thursday, December 20, 2007

White Christmas

The trees with papery bark, just down the road, are covered in this. Not icicles, but fluffy flowers.


The vacation message is enabled on email, the phone is forwarded through to reception, the office is cleaned out and drinks have been had by the river: I am officially on leave until the New Year. I feel giddy with the freedom of it all.


Kez said...

Just don't keep checking your work email anyway! One of my big challenges from working from home - I've got the out of office message on email and phone, and am *still* getting clients sending me problems that they expect me to fix.. I'm too conscientious to ignore them but am really starting to get p*ssed off! *sigh*

Theresa said...

This is great. Happy Holidays. Ho, ho, ho and hee, hee, hee. Oh what fun it is to leave the job behind.

Rhonda Jean said...

Great! Relax and enjoy the holidays. I hope you and your fmaily have a lovely Christmas.

Shell said...

Hoping you have a lovely Christmas and New Year.


blue milk said...

What a beautiful photograph, and loved that closing paragraph on your post, isn't that just the nicest feeling?