Sunday, April 6, 2008

In my time, I have thrown the odd, gorgeous party. Once, outside under the mango tree, with my own basil-cured salmon and enough champagne to swim in. Outside, under another mango tree, on picnic rugs, with candles all around (a guest, Paul, who knows a thing or two about hosting, told me I was a woman who knew how to use candles), ending with a pear and brie tart. Another time, in winter, serving seared kangaroo fillet and a mushroom risotto to good friends who brought good wine. At the time, and in hindsight, all really rather lovely.

I've also been a guest at the odd gorgeous party: farewell do's in pink mansions by the river, lights from the city sparkling on the pool; tipsy dinners on the verandahs of old Queenslanders, conversation sharpening as the wine flowed; a catch up lunch of corn from the garden and butterflied lamb, barbecued on Paul's deck and eaten under a grape vine, followed by sundaes with raspberries from his garden. My friend Tambo has made me peach bellinis for one birthday and Maggie Beer's quails in a fig bath for another (don't believe the book - removing those backbones and ribs is much trickier than you are lead to believe).

Today, I hosted my first proper kid's birthday party, a few weeks after Lu's actual birthday. Honey joys, chocolate crackles, and not quite enough Cheezels, red and green cordial, a cake with sky blue icing and a Tyrannosaurus marked out in sprinkles and smarties; carrot sticks that the kids didn't even sniff. Plus, lots of space in the park and ducks to feed. And balloons. I was hailed by the younger set as the hostess with the mostest.

Whereas I once measured the success of a gathering by the volume of the laughter and the lateness of the leave taking, today I was pleased that no-one got stung by a wasp or run down by the Little Athletics cross country carnival that was racing past the picnic table.

Now it's back to Brisbane to work for a week, taking Lucy to play with the grandparents. Grandad, Meema, be warned - there are plans to scare you at the airport tonight with much roaring like a dinosaur.


Kez said...

lol - doesn't life change :)

Sounds like it went well. have a good week.

Ariane said...

There are *never* enough Cheezels. :)

Sounds like a truly fantastic birthday party - I love a kids' party, especially one that doesn't involve a burger restaurant or a play centre!

Anonymous said...

Having two kids, you'll need to be wary of the Non-Birthday Kid in future.

My brother ate all the chocolate sticks from around my Women's Day Swimming Pool Birthday Cake one year. A friend found and ate all the lollies from the treasure hunt at his brother's party while everyone else was focussed on pass the parcel or something. It's a big problem.

Congratulations on the successful hostessing. I helped supervise a niece's fourth birthday (four guests, two called Madison) and was exhausted by the two hour mark.

meggie said...

It is all so different when you are "The Adult" as opposed to the 'Mother of the child'. Well done you, it would seem!

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Theresa said...

As divine as your grownup parties sound, I want to come to one with all these things: Honey joys, chocolate crackles, and Cheezels. Not to mention red and green cordial, and "a Tyrannosaurus marked out in sprinkles and smarties." I have no idea what all those are, but they do sound yummy, in a Suessian kind of way. Happy Birthday!

tamara said...

Wow. Sounds like you tapped into the Archetypal kids' birthday party...only the best parties do this!

...hope that the roaring dinosaur didn't scare the Grandparents too much. (we have recently developed our own roaring dino over here too. Very Cute.)