Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Good things:: taking the girls and the dog swimming in the river


Lost in a reverie... said...

awww sweet!

Happy Birthday Nell!!!

Kate said...

They look gorgeous.

Don't you love how the photos always make them look like the most fabulous kids in the world (because of course they are!) and edit magically any screechy/whingey/irritating stuff?

Sure it's all normal, but that doesn't mean I want to remember it, and my camera fixes it. Magic I tell you.

Theresa said...

Sigh. The warmth. The water. The river's locked up tight for the winter here in Fairbanks. Thanks for the peek at the other side of the solar calender.

Kris said...

Kate - I know. Sometimes I want to take photos for the shadow album, where it's all tears and tantrums. On the way back from the river Lu started crying and said, "it was all very nice but I didn't much fancy it". - a prime photo moment then!

Theresa, it is beautiful here at the moment and this was the first swim of the season in the river. Actually far too cold to be sensible, the water comes from the mountains which are still getting the occassional fall of snow, but I live in a place where it's never actually warm enough to swim, in my opinion, and so we take what we can get.

kate said...

A photo of my nephew and his cousin was distributed around the family a while ago, of the two boys on a ride (for the first time) at the shopping centre. My nephew has a look of unadulterated excitement, it's priceless. What we don't have a photo of is the tanty a few minutes later when he didn't want to get off. His Nan and aunty had their hands full removing him from the ride.

Didn't much fancy it? Oh dear.

blue milk said...

These photos brought memories back to me of some almost identical photos of my brother and I around the same age swimming in the river with the dog.. and having read your last piece I am no wondering what the story might have really been for my parents at the time those photographs were taken.