Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Purple things:: cabbages in the garden

'Veggie' just doesn't seem to do these cabbages justice. In my alternate life, if I were off somewhere very fancy (the Oscars where I was up for Best Screenplay, for example, or Cannes for the premiere of my much anticipated debut as writer director, "Drought Tolerance", starring Cate Blanchett, Toni Collette and Tim Minchin*) I'd ask some emerging designer to make me a dress modeled on a red cabbage. My cabbages look like haute couture should look - subtly coloured, a bit of a flounce and cunningly structured to look light while never loosing their shape.

Until chopped up and pickled in white wine vinegar and juniper, to be served with good pork sausages. Still, they had a good life.

* (an early birthday present for you, Janine)


Janine said...

Many thanks, m'dear! With your clout as an award-winning screenwriter can you please wangle a job for me on the set of 'Drought Tolerance' to be script supervisor/runner/Tim fluffer?

I like your robust cabbages. If there was a gardening version of the Oscars I'd vote for you.

Kris said...

You may be sccript supervisor and you shall have a dress inspired by a ... Japanese eggplant, all thin but curvy, a fabulous colour with a subtle sheen. Dammit - you'll outshine me! You're fired.

zose said...

very galliano

Kris said...

Zose - exactly! I like a woman who knows her couture.

Susan said...

They're sensational! Definitely gown material. I haven't grown these lovelies for a long time, Jan/Feb '08 will see me poking some in, I think.

zose said...

I do so love Galliano. I love the stupidity of Haute Couture. I love the stupidity of the people who design it, the very few and secret who purchase and collect it, the rarer still, women who actually wear the stuff.

Galliano Cabbages. My new Haute Couture. I have to see them as such. For the New Year shall greet us with the beginning of our familial battle with the Elimination Diet to discover our intolerances and hopefully a cure for behaviour problems, tourettes, IBS and depression.

Rice, chook and cabbage are pretty much the only things i like off the list.

I thought of your Tasmanian garden today as I snipped a huge pinky orange rose, heavy with scent and a clutch of gardenias.