Friday, November 23, 2007

Pretty things:: a surfeit of sweet peas

25 seeds planted in the autumn + a winter of debating over whether to give up on the pathetic and spindly things + water and warmth in the spring = a surfeit of scent and colour and posies in every room in the house for at least a month now.

Sweetpeas give a big bang for your buck.


Kristina said...

wow those are very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I bet they smell divine. I love sweetpeas (and they are good little legumes for the soil too!)


Em said...

lucky you! Our sweetpeas were a piece of heaven while they lasted; flowers in the house keep me from drowning in domesticity. They're a reminder that the dust bunnies are irrelevant :)

Susan said...

Definitely bang for your buck. If they're non-hybrid you can leave them to self sow = sweetpeas forever.

Kris said...

Sweet peas are one of the joys of living down here. I tried them in Qld and the combo of possums and warmth meant they never really did well. Next year, I think I'll try for a structure the girls can sit under, an arbour I guess.

Kate - yep. I plant them because they are the loveliest nitrogen fixers available and Em, yes, because they do draw the eye from the more traditional expectations of housekeeping.