Sunday, February 3, 2008

Still talking about zucchinis

Quite possibly the perfect pasta sauce, and the reason I plant more zucchinis than I'd ever really need:

Take a few cloves of garlic and soften in oil with three rashes of bacon, if you're the kind who likes their meat (otherwise, leave them out). Very finely slice three of four young zucchinis - if they're a mix of colours then so much the better. Stir in with the garlic and bacon until everything is cooked but not at all brown. Now is a good time to stir in some pesto if you have any (but here I would specify homemade as it tends to lack the harshness of the stuff you buy in bottles; I think the pine nuts might matter here) and regardless, bind the whole with a little cream, season and leave to bubble. Then toss in any flowers that came in with the fruit, ladle over pasta and offer to an appreciative audience with some parmesan on the side.

We eat this with two yelling kids, one who'll only have the green stuff and the other who'll eat the pasta. There's usually some wining on the topic of "I don't like conversation", food thrown to the floor, milk sloshed on shirts by a 13 months child who refuses to acknowledge she needs to work on her hand-eye coordination, and a few shouts at the dogs to get out of the dining room. But I am working towards a more fabulous context:

Serve outside under the grapevine, with perhaps a cold riesling (though really, I wouldn't know), a salad from the garden, good friends who appreciate the six months taken to produce the meal, and Bach playing through the open windows of the house.

Maybe next summer


Kez said...

Do you mind if I choose your 2nd scenario??! lol

Sauce sounds yummy!

kate said...

We're closer to the first scenario. Except our 13 month old is inclined to have a tanty about sitting in the high chair, so we eat outside and take turns chasing him around the yard.

We do manage the wine/beer outside (sans grapevine) and bugger bathtime finished must dash...

Jenny said...

I think that is the best way to eat zucchini, with bacon and cream. I'm pretty sure I was the first to make up this recipe though.Our outside eating is slightly more civilised but is often punctuated by a teenager being to told to stop throwing that **** tennis ball around.

zose said...

or the summer after, that'll give you long enough to get everything well aligned for a successful meal :)

blackbird said...

Please let me know when.
I'll be there.

(Here from Peasoup.)

Lost in a reverie... said...

A dream scenario that one day WILL become reality.

I'll bring the wine.


fiveandtwo said...

We have the table under the grapevine scenario. We eat there with bickering children after clearing away the debris left by birds eating the underripe grapes.

Gillian said...

Hello there,
this is very strange but I know you, which I hope doesn't make you feel a bit odd and exposed, just very randomly came across your blog via Pea Soup and recognised faces! . . .
I live around the corner from Detonate or Renovate (had much the same reaction to yourself! Still wait with held breath to see what happens next)and last met you at Em's Christmas Drinks.
Best, Gillian

meggie said...

O it sounds delish!
Nice post.
I even like the indoor version!
But under the grape vines is cool.