Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cold hands, warm heart

I walk the dogs early in the morning, in the dark. Today it was so cold I jogged to get warm. I know I'm not the runner I once was back in my prime, but the greyhound didn't even break into a trot as I pounded along the road; rather insensitive, I thought


When I walk the dogs I go by a small cottage. Each morning, a bearded man sits on the verandah in a short sleeved shirt, drinking a cup of tea. Today, for the first time this year, there was ice on the ground. I was waiting on tenterhooks to see - would he be out today? And there he was, drinking his cuppa in a short sleeved shirt, 5.30 am and the temperature less than zero. I was comforted to see the big man with his brew, starting his day regardless of the weather.


I was the only person on the bus this morning, until it stopped to pick up a young guy, about sixteen, rumpled in a hoodie and baggy jeans. He was shaking with the cold. As he stood to get off at the Centrelink stop, Paul Kelly's Winter Coat started on my ipod; with that melancholy voice in my ears, the shivering boy seemed so impossibly sad. These kids, sometimes they break my heart.


I have poor circulation in my hands - they go white with the cold, no matter how warm the room or how thick the coat. Today, a workmate suggested I get some fingerless gloves. This is very sensible advice but ... I'm not a fingerless glove kind of a gal. Only women with really elegant fingers can wear these gloves and lovely though I am, I've never attained elegance.


Gillian said...

O my goodness, I know the attire you need! Check out Cocoon on George St for the recycled wool armlets that cup the top of your hands, fingers are free, little thumby hole, feel a little bit tough and o so warm . . .

I really loved this post btw - I envy your early early morning walks, actually all the walking you guys obviously do, something I should endeavor to do more of . . .

Janine said...

Lovely post K.

We scraped ice off the windscreen this morning so winter has arrived for us too.

Those wool armlets ^^ sound like a fantastic idea.

Where o where did legwarmers go? For use only in the home of course...:)

Ingrid said...

I´m a feel teh cold person. In winter I have to rug up so much that you can only see my eyes. I invested in my first winter here in a nice pair of leather, fleece lined gloves. It is so unlike me but one of the best investments I have brought. They are lady like and make me feel elegant (think Grace Kelly riding in a convertable with the scarf flying out the back, but in winter with her driving gloves on).I´m sure you can wear them all the time.

blue milk said...

Oh what a lovely oservation of that old guy.