Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thoughts about words

What I'm thinking of as I gear up to Big Thoughts:

At breakfast:
Lu: What's hommous made of?
Kris: Chickpeas and tahini and lemon juice and garlic all mashed up together.
Lu: What's psydon made of?
Kris: Siden?
Lu (patiently but a little patronisingly, stretching out the word so I can learn it): Psy-don.
Kris: I don't know. Do you know what it's made of?
Lu: Picture frames.
Kris: It doesn't sound very good to eat.
Lu: It's delicious.


Lucy can say Pachycephlasaurus and I can't. The student has surpassed the master


Isaac Hayes realeased an album in 1969 called Hot Buttered Soul. Today, we live in a sadly ungroovy age.


J said...

A knowledge of dinosaurs is the way our kids learn about categorisation and classification, as well as history, biology, botany, evolution, geography, and the pronunciation of difficult words. Clever girl.

And go, you hep cat!

zose said...

my lil sister once taught a room of 2 and 3 year olds to correctly identify and say perfectly "cephalothorax".

it kills me when my kids come from cc saying "t-rex" and "ta".

Ingrid said...

I agree about the lack of ungroovyness. My children can sing along with Billie Holliday and Ella Fitzgerald. It´s right up there with bananas in Pj´s. Can´t even tell you waht is on the top 100 list (don´t even know their names).