Saturday, May 3, 2008


Lu: I think there will be dolls at the Mission store.
Kris: There might be, darling, we'll see.
Lu: There will be.
Kris: Well, soon we will see.
Lu: Please Mum, don't make my sure unsure.

My kid, she's got the knack of words.


Things here are changing, we think for the good. Thanks to all for kind words and thoughts.


Kez said...

lol! She sure does have a way with words!

I'm glad things appear to be on the improve - fingers crossed for you.

blue milk said...

She is an absolute master of language, and so young too.

Rach said...

When ever I am in Lonnie (I live in Sydney) I head to that huge Mission shop - I love it! Its almost a family tradition now, my parents pick us up from the airport and off we go to the Mission shop. Minnie loves it and we can make her day for about 50cents...

radical mama said...


Janine said...

Glad to hear it.

So...did she see some dolls? Was Lu's sure made sure?

Victoria said...

"don't make my sure unsure" is brilliant - and deep too.

Kris said...

There were dolls and more importantly, a skirt for Lucy that wasn't too bum-grazingly short.

Rach, the Mission Store is fabulous. Even the new version, which was pretty disappointing after the old one burned down is looking better. The prices on the gorgeous vintage wear aren't great though - paying ten dollars from something, no matter how lovely, seems against the spirit of op-shops.