Monday, March 3, 2008

My island home

The photos from a few posts ago were snapped by Al as I walked back over the road after taking the above. We were parked at a small church in the middle of nowhere special, a church with a swifts' nest under the eves. It was summer; our weekend away at the beach happened at the same time the area got its first proper rain in two or three years. (The holiday-rain nexus is the common denominator in all our trips away.)

I look at this and I can't believe I actually live here. I'm a lucky woman; we're a lucky family.

Tassie seems to be enjoying a certain regard in the Australian media at the moment. In the Weekend Australian magazine Swansea has been framed up as an emerging hot holiday spot; Lonnie, where I live, is in the recent edition of Australian Country Style, looking as much like a cosmopolitan urban area as the writers could manage. But it's the moments and places we stumble upon accidentally that make this place feel so special to me. Day-to-day, I tend to forget what it means to live here - it can be hard to remember in the face of loneliness and the hassles of daily life - but photos like this snap our luck and our blessings back into focus.


Lost in a reverie... said...

I bet ACS photographed the Paris end of Charles St.

Beautiful pic Kris - I love a foreboding sky.

traceyleigh said...

Kris, I love how you capture Tasmania in your words. I feel lucky and privileged to live here too and share your sentiments that it is often the places you stumble upon in ones travels. I love that we can wake up one Sunday morning (as we have on many an occassion) and drive in any direction, down any road and it will always lead us to somewhere beautiful.

Ariane said...

I love reading your stuff. I've only visited Tassie once with a 14 month old, but you almost convince me I'd like to live there - if only I wasn't cold-ophobic. :)

nutmeg said...

Again, great photo - and yes you ARE very lucky to live where you do. My Scottish heritage just cries out to live somewhere like that shown in your photo :-)

Now, I don;t know if you have email notification about comments but just in case you don't I have left comments here and there - up to 9 posts ago! You are getting quite prolific! Love your writing.

fiveandtwo said...

A splendid photo.
I think I feel like you about the area I live. However, it took me several years, maybe a decade, to reach that point.
I'm comfortable here now.

blue milk said...

I am very envious of where you live.. the ability to be in wide open space when you need to be.