Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Yes, Tamsin, dogs-with-an-s.

If I had world enough and time, I'd have a tribe of kids and a pack of dogs. As it is, it's two of one and one and a half of the other. We're fostering a rescued greyhound. When I say 'fostering' I mean having a greyhound stay with us, knowing that she's unlikely to be placed and so is a de facto member of the family.

Her name is Squeak, which is very inappropriate; she drifts along so elegantly it really should be Saskia or Anna. I feel like someone out of a Russian melodrama when she walks along beside me. She's regal and gorgeous with big brown eyes. She's very patient with the girls who cannot believe she's not a horse (I don't think she's aware of her rights as a pet and so puts up with a lot more than our labradoodle, who's forever looking at us with barely disguised resentment). She wants to chase down our chooks and kill them but I know the feeling so can't really blame her.

In the words of another greyhound owner: Best dog ever.


Tamsin said...

Oh, she does look elegant, and so gentle. What a gorgeous girl! Will the muzzle be an ongoing requirement (or maybe it's just a precaution?)

Anonymous said...

Muzzled by law in Tas. I think the legislators fear she may gently and lovingly nuzzle someone to death.

Muzzle means I get lots of dirty looks from people presuming she's a dangerous dog, and questions about whether it's because greyhounds chase down small children. Yes, that's right, as a mother of two toddlers I thought a dog that hunts children was the very best fit for our family.


Lost in a reverie... said...

We have a few unmuzzled greys around our neighbourhood (one is named Trent - another unsuitable name for such an elegant dog), so the laws must be more lenient in Victoria.

She's a beauty Kris, and I believe a permanent member of your tribe. Cause how could you give her up? She's definitely an Anastasia or Dasha though. Or even a Svetlana.

I will show B the pics and hope that he agrees it is a good idea to foster one, if only as an intellectual counterweight to Louie.


Gillian said...

wow I had no idea about that law,
not that I would have reason to, but such an elegant girl, I think you should just go ahead and call her Anna, it suits and I'm sure she's intelligent enough to get the complexities of dog naming and probably even Tasmanian Dog Muzzling Laws.

Kris said...

Lost, Gillian, steady on! She's lovely but I've never claimed she's an intellectual heavyweight. Al's not sure there's a lot going on behind those glorious eyes; and much as I love her, I'm not sure either.

Daisy said...

I always seem to read your blog after I have typed mine and on the way to bed. So many of your comments made me smile and laugh. And some, so familiar. I love your dream beach house. Simple and secluded. Its so nice to get away. This was our first holiday away since we travelled Australia in 05 so it was long overdue.
Isn't it funny that Jackie French has all these great books on "Growing your own" and "Money Savers" yet says its all not worth the bother! Her Earth Gardener Companion is my bible yet when I read it for some quick advice, I feel theres an underlining message....."Don't Bother" unless you REALLY want too!! What a Dag!
So I too am only concentrating on what we WILL eat an if its easy to grow. It must take years to get to that 10 minute maintainece in the garden cause I'm nowhere near that yet! But its fun trying!

Gillian said...

LOL The Russian prejudice perhaps? Mention the Russians and elegance and I immediately imagine Svetannishka to be ahem, ticking?

And sorry to hear about your banana, kind of makes sense in a lateral way, it can only get better or riper from here.

lost in a reverie... said...

She LOOKS more intelligent than my dog, and you know my dog, so there's a 1 in 2 chance that Squeak is much, much smarter than her.

And re banana: skin on or off?

meggie said...

I have met some of these rescue Greyhounds in our local Hospital, when my small Grandson was a patient- asthma no less! & he had the dog on his bed! He loves dogs!! I feel very tempted to adopt one, but our male dog is a problem 'child'!!

Anonymous said...


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