Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Slide night :: Fashion rules are for wimps

(for bluemilk)

All through my childhood my mother was brave enough to let me choose my own clothes.

Now, I have really great bags and some funky shoes. As a general rule, I don't look too crazy at all. Sometimes, I even look quite nice. And I never mix my plaids, spots and stripes. Proof we learn from our mistakes.


blue milk said...

Eyes hurting, can't type.

You were pretty damn cute though.

Christine said...

Confession: I think you look adorable.

Next confession: I love it when my daughter picks out her outfits and they totally don't match. I don't know why...I just think it's soooooo cute!

Kris said...

Still am cute, ladies.

Daisy said...

(wolf whistle) Nice pic Kris! Your lucky to not have had three sisters that your mother insisted, to be dressed identical. Ah,yes, my photos will never see the blog light of day! He he he!

tamara said...

Oh yes, those great kilts! And I'm jealous...I was NEVER allowed to choose my clothes. And now my daughter is allowed to wear whatever she likes. Sometimes not even within reason!

meggie said...

What a cute little girl you were! (Never mind, we won't comment about the taste in clothes!)