Monday, March 17, 2008

The old house down the road, the one I was worried would be knocked down and replaced by a McMansion, is safe. The new owners are living in a caravan parked on the road while they a rebuild the interior. When it's all done, they are holding a barbeque so that the neighbourhood can come by and see what they have done. They're getting rid of the roses but I can't have them: the local women have already claimed the plants (they're vultures, these long time ladies). I dream of these sorts of people buying houses in my suburb. I love that they acknowledge the interest and ownership of the the people who already live around here, I love that they respect what already exists, I love that they are offering free meat.


tamara said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you, your neighbourhood and that house! What a great outcome.

...and how about the heat!?! We (Melbourne) had 39.7 degrees today. Where has the autumn gone? And yes, I do know the answer to that. Sucked into our engines and out into the air... Great idea re: one petrol tank a month. I'll be passing that one on.

Maureen said...

Good comment(s) on our quick-to-dispose and quick-to-want-more society. Your earlier post on the house was very touching. There is a sadness to abandoned houses that once were homes. I think that reaches that deep sense of aloneness each human can have.